Gluten Free Bake Off

“Can’t eat that,” sighed my colleague.  I looked at the freshly baked Dorset apple cake I’d bought into work, caramel brown and dotted with sugar.  “Can’t have egg.  Or dairy.  Or gluten.”

“Me neither,” chimed in another colleague. “Not gluten.”

And so it came to pass that I now bake gluten free, egg free, dairy free cakes to take into work.

“Are you going to enter your gluten free in the bake off?” I was asked a few weeks later.

“Whaat?”  I thought about my chewy specimens.  “No.  Maybe.  Okay then.”

Always up for a challenge, let it not be said that I died never having a go.  Although to be fair entering the bake off at work isn’t top of my bucket list.  Or on it at all.  No.  Visiting Japan, Canada, Australia again….a cottage in France…they are on there.  Bake off …no.  My main motivation here was to raise money for Macmillan and well…we weren’t sure if anyone was actually going to enter and thirdly, it would be fun, getting up at six to bake, cycling through Cambridge with warm goodies in my basket, that sense of achievement.

The categories were ‘free from’, savoury, sweet and showstopper; the theme being conservation, naturally, as we all work in the David Attenborough Building in Cambridge.

Here’s my entry. Banana and Coconut tray bakes.  Free from everything but sugar.


Then came the ‘showstoppers’!  Hmmm, perhaps I should I have decorated mine a little more….

and the sweets…

DSCN1390we were a little low on the savoury category…DSCN1373the cheese puffs were my all time favourite.  Then came the judging by Great British Bake Off contestant Ian Cumming.

Ian Cumming, Bake Off, Great British bake off, judging cakes, Cambridge Conservation Initiative, David Attenborough Building, gluten free

No-one was surprised when the Star Baker was awarded to….


the turtle!

Read about turtles as an endangered species on the IUCN red list here.

Visit my Etsy shop at where I am currently donating 5% to the IUCN red list for every eco soy candle bought.

Oh, and my recipe…I made it up as I went along by throwing in around 8 oz gluten free flour, 4 oz sugar, a couple of table spoons each of coconut oil, dessicated coconut and soy milk, plus a banana.  Mixed well and baked for around 20 mins in a medium warm oven until it looked an appealing light brown.  Seemed to work.

For more spectacular show stopping creations visit my other blog here.



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