Handcrafted soy and beeswax candles.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and an extra welcome to those who have followed me back from Portugal where I’ve recently spent a few years renovating houses and enjoying the sunshine.  The lure of the beautiful city of Cambridge and the need for my children to be educated in a language they understand has brought me back to this awesome place which, if you haven’t already, I hope you will all be tempted to visit someday.

Meanwhile, you can get a taste by reading my blog and browsing my Etsy shop filled with eco friendly soy candles.  These are handmade in  Cambridge, England using vintage containers, fragranced and scattered with petals or plain in a pretty or quirky pot.

You will find my Etsy shop page here.  Each eco friendly soy candle is named after an endangered species from the IUCN red list.

5% from each candle will be donated to the IUCN.

On this site you will come to find blogs containing simple poems and stories about candle making, upcycling, recycling, cycling, conservation and Cambridge.  The vintage UK one.

Light a candle to nature at:

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Thanks for stopping by!


(aka Alicia Sunday)